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3 Content Tweaks to Increase Your Blog Traffic without Spending a Penny

This is a guest contribution from Jawad Khan. Who doesn’t like more traffic? Not matter how many monthly blog visitors you have, you still want more. Because more traffic means more opportunities to build relationships, generate leads, close deals and make money. However, the problem with most of the conventional traffic generation advice is that […]

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Five Essential Steps to Removing a Google Manual Penalty

This is a guest contribution from Nick Chowdrey. Google takes webspam very seriously. The search giant currently sends over 400,000 messages a month to webmasters, warning them that their site performance could be at risk due to a manual Google penalty. But what exactly are these manual penalties, and what can you do should you […]

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3 Places Your Best Ideas Are Hiding In Your First Drafts

Many bloggers write drafts and then ‘edit’ their writing – but ‘revising’ is a little different and is definitely a good exercise. Today I came across a great short video by Beth Dunn from Hubspot that was recorded earlier in the year at the Inbound conference. In the video Beth talks about ‘fixing your writing’ […]

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