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How To Create Memorable Characters: 8 Little-Known Sleights of Hand

Do we always have to create memorable characters? No. It depends on the genre. In an all-action thriller focused on pace and plot, everyone but the key players can be wafer-thin. They’re disposable. The same is often true of detective fiction, even the quality sort. In John Dickson Carr’s famous ‘locked room’ mysteries, the only rounded […]

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How To Become a Good Writer: 50 Quotes From The Greats

  You want to write. But you’re not sure if that makes you a writer. And you don’t just want to be any kind of writer; you want to become a good writer. It’s an exciting goal, but what’s the pathway? How to you get there? We’ve collected 50 inspiring quotes from writers for you. […]

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How To Keep Writing: 5 Tricks To Sneak Past Perfectionism

Have you been sitting in front of your computer for what feels like hours? You know the feeling. Typing a few words, deleting them, groaning in frustration, getting a couple of sentences down only to decide they’re not quite right… You’re about ready to tear your hair out. You recognize what’s happening, of course. Your […]

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