Scene Stealers – Develop Your Imagination

Written By: symsyd - May• 05•14

picture of open doorWelcome to Scene Stealers, our series of writing prompts designed to flex your creative muscles.

We’re thrilled that so many of you are participating in our writing prompt series. (Read the other Scene Stealers here and add one of your own.)


How it works


  • We set the scene
  • You steal it, make it your own, and
  • Share your creation in the comments section of this post

Of course, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to share your work, but we hope you’ll do the exercise anyway.


The ground rules:


  • Your story must begin with the exact wording we provide.
  • Your story must be 350 words or less.
  • Your work must be original and not previously published.
  • WTD provides an encouraging and safe environment for writers to grow and learn from each other. We’d love you to comment on other people’s submissions in a friendly and supportive manner.
  • We reserve the right to delete any comments or entries we deem inappropriate and those that do not meet the specifications above.


This month’s installment Develop Your Imagination allows you to exercise your creative muscles by writing a story in which you give your imagination full rein. Your goal is to startle the reader with the unexpected, while still telling a coherent story.


Scene Stealer #22

It was pitch dark outside, and driving at night made me nervous, but I picked up the car keys anyway. I opened the door – and stepped into blinding sunshine.  


Now steal this and make it your own.

We can’t wait to read what you come up with, so please add your submission to the comments section of this post.


By Vinita Zutshi, Associate Editor at Write to Done. Vinita also blogs at Carefree Parenting.

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