Grow Your Blog’s Traffic and Income by Creating a Resources Page for Your Blog

Written By: symsyd - Dec• 18•15

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Today’s ProBlogger Podcast challenge is one of those I’ve had on my “someday” list for too long now: create a “resources” page for your blog. It’s an excellent way of grouping all your affiliate programs together, and also heading off some of the frequently asked questions about what you use and recommend.

You can see our (recently updated) Resources page here on ProBlogger, where I list useful tools, services, and training for bloggers, and in the show notes of today’s episode I also list a few more examples of how other bloggers in other niches have set theirs up.

Not only are pages on your blog dedicated to blogging resources good for affiliate income and to answer questions, but you’ll find they can also rank highly in search engines and has the capacity to do well on social if comprehensive enough and designed well.

This #TodayNotSomeday task is one that was sorely needed here on ProBlogger – the last time I had updated that page was six years ago! It was in a terrible state, with broken links, nonexistent offers, and out-of-date information. I still am so embarrassed by that, and I almost didn’t want to even mention it here or on the podcast.

But there’s always time to turn it around, and so I urge you to update your resources page, or create one, for today’s challenge. I’ve got some tips in the podcast to help you create a page that really works for you and I’d love to see a link to the finished product – make sure you use the #TodayNotSomeday hashtag so I can keep track!

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