Finding Readers, Finding Ideas, Finding time to Blog: The Top ProBlogger Podcast Episodes of 2015

Written By: symsyd - Dec• 18•15

The top ProBlogger Podcast Episodes of 2015

We’re closing out this week looking back on the year that was with a bang today – the most popular ProBlogger Podcast episodes of 2015!

As you will remember, Darren kicked off his new venture in July with a podcast a day for 31 days, helping you grow a better blog in the meantime. Each episode had a new challenge for you to go away and implement on your own sites, which was the motivation many of you needed to take your blog to the next level.

Your favourite episodes of the ProBlogger Podcast were:

Episode 29: How to Develop a Plan to Grow Your Readership

Top ProBlogger Podcasts 2015

You may write great content, but readers generally don’t just show up to read it. So what do you do? Darren takes us through a step-by-step plan to help you get your content out in front of a wider potential audience.

Episode 11: How to Come Up with Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Top ProBlogger Podcasts 2015

One of Darren’s favourite days in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog series, and one that will ensure you’ll never sit down again and go “soooooo what am I actually going to write?” and then give up and scroll Facebook. You will be

Episode 12: How to Create an Editorial Calendar for your Blog

Top ProBlogger Podcasts 2015

With all those ideas you’d have come up with after listening to the previous podcast, you’ll then be guided into putting them into a calendar that will cover your content for a full year. With tips from Darren and a description of his own successful calendar, you’ll be armed with plenty of knowledge to help you create a workable editorial schedule.

Episode 18: How to Create a Page That Propels People Deep Within Your Blog

Top ProBlogger Podcasts 2015


You know the one – where a reader stumbles onto your site and finds, one one page, tons of links to other important and useful information they’re dying to read. Before they know it the’ve fallen down a click rabbit hole on your site and have been reading your archive for half an hour. Darren explains the best way to create such a page on your own site to help keep readers on your blog for longer.

Special Mentions:

Did you have a favourite? Which one was the episode that led to a breakthrough in your blogging?

You can also catch the rest of the series here:

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