By: Tom Southern

Written By: symsyd - Apr• 13•16

So true. It’s all about creating community ready to buy.

Creating a community ready to buy means knowing what you want your blog to do for you, before you start blogging.

It’s vital to know this because your answer will direct you to what kind of community you want to attract. Get it right and your community will let you create as many streams of income as you want, for as long as you want, because you’ll only create products that they want to buy from you.

You’ll never get stuck on how to take your blog to the next level, then the next, then the next … because you’ll be serving your community’s wants.

I’ve discovered this is the best way to grow a blog because it makes increasing income generation simple.

By focusing on creating a community that’s right for you, you’ll create a blog that’s in tune with the wants and needs of that community. An added focus is for your community to based around similar core interests that you have in common with them.

By starting to create this community *before* you start your blog, you save yourself tremendous amounts of time, effort, frustration, money (and strained relationships with your spouse and family).

And, it’s easier than you think.

It has to be win-win, of course, for everyone involved.

You have to focus on getting to know what people want and then showing them how, and why, you’re the one to give it to them (in ways that will resonate with them).

It’s about introducing yourself to popular bloggers too, even before your blog is running, and building relationships and networks with them. Showing them how you can compliment what they’re offering to their community.

It’s about recognising the gap between where your community is, and where they want to be, then filling that gap with products and services tailor-made for them.

It’s about opening conversations and offering answers.

It’s about giving, and focusing on your community, not jumping on the latest gimmick because that’s how others say they’re making big bucks with their blogs.

In the end, it’s all about realising that your blog is not your business. Your blog is the platform that sustains your business. Your business is about creating (and giving) answers that your blog’s community wants.


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