By: Web Marketing Ninja

Written By: symsyd - Apr• 13•16

This is a hard question to answer as, to be honest, there’s no ultimate ‘system’ and there is no right or wrong answer. Lot’s of people create a great income approaching things in very different ways.

Depending on where you are at with your blogging, if it’s early you should still be building your audience — a engaged one. If you can do that, then monetisation becomes a lot easier. Just remember at this stage to try to establish a connection with them (email address etc) so you can reach out later.

The next step is really the open one. It will depend on the needs of your audience. What problems they have, what price they’ll pay to solve them, and what you can offer that will dictate your direction and focus.

I’m sorry I can’t say to you ‘just go do this’ because frankly, that would be shallow advice.

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